Why Work
Locum Tenens?

Make a difference on your terms

Locum tenens opportunities have incredible benefits for providers, facilities and patients. Whether you want to explore diverse care settings, enhance your clinical skills, or augment your income, a locum tenens job can get you there.

Earn Extra Income

Many locum tenens providers also work in a practice or are employed by a hospital. A locum tenens assignment can help supplement your income to achieve financial goals, including paying off student loans, funding a child’s college education or building a nest egg for retirement.

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Freedom and Flexibility

Locum tenens have the freedom to create their own schedule. You can choose which assignments to take, your preferred location and duration. It is an ideal option for those who seek a greater work/life balance.

Expand Your Network

Broaden your professional network with temporary contracts and national facilities. See firsthand how things are done in other practice settings and form or strengthen relationships with colleagues.

Beat Burnout

Having more control over your schedule, working in new practice settings with different colleagues and being able to focus on your patients instead of administrative tasks can help you feel revitalized and renew your passion for practicing medicine.

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Travel the Country

If you want to experience different practice settings or explore a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities across the country, locum tenens is the way to go.

Experience Diverse Practice Settings

"Try before you buy,” maintain or build a skill set or work in underserved communities that need your valuable experience as a locum tenen.

Not only do physicians and advanced practitioners enjoy ample benefits of life as a locum tenens, they also help relieve the doctor shortage and provide important patient care. With every locum tenens assignment, care becomes available and provided to those who need it most.

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